In the intake, we address your desires and we clarify expectations (what is it that you want to improve, heal and manifest, what is it that you want in life, what do you want from yourself and others ect) so I can check if I can offer the appropriate approach for you. In the intake, I also will explain more about my approach.

Based on the intake I will write a proposal, and then you decide if my approach is what you are looking for. In case you agree upon the proposal, the intake will be part of the total price. Otherwise, the intake is free of charge.

The intake will take about 90 minutes. Within 3 days you will receive a proposal. You can request an intake online or you can send me an email or Whatsapp message.

The process

The process will roughly consist of 4 phases:

Phase 1

Inventory ( approximately 3 sessions *) 

This phase aims to jointly translate the aforementioned desirable situation into very concrete, measurable goals that are worked on during the coaching sessions. By setting goals together, the effect is that you feel the owner of these goals. Also, mutual expectations are even more expressed considering tasks and responsibilities during this process. 

The approach during phase 1:

During phase 1, the initial question for the coaching process is further explored. Also, based on a questionnaire, an inventory is made of the already present qualities and resources and tasks, limiting and supportive belief systems, responsibilities, and expectations that support the achievement of these goals. Phase 1 ends in a coaching plan for phase 2 in which the goal, means, and method are jointly coordinated and safeguarded.

Phase 2

Implementation (approximately 8 sessions *)

This phase aims to implement the work plan from phase 1.

The approach during Phase 2:

Conduct individual coaching sessions, with a rhythm of approximately three weeks. You will be invited to keep track of your development and performance in a journal or log. An interim evaluation takes place halfway through the 2nd phase. During this evaluation, developments about the previously formulated goals are discussed. In some cases, this can lead to a possible reassessment or adjustment of the goals.

Phase 3

Maintenance (approximately 4 sessions*) 

After completion of the 2nd phase, the goals are evaluated by both of us. As a result of this, together, will draw up a follow-up plan regarding the safeguarding of this process.

The approach in phase 3:

Individual sessions and case studies

Phase 4 (optional)


The purpose of this phase is to refresh previously obtained insights and/or to supervise your own company. (or possibly a different income stream than is currently the case)

The approach in phase 4: (optional)

Individual sessions take place on request in which previously submitted case histories can be discussed and/or previously discussed themes are discussed again.

* Each process is tailor-made. Based upon experience a minimum of 15 sessions is required to become aware of limiting belief systems and transform/replace them with supporting ones.